Case Study 5


The Chumash Marketing team working in partnership with mobileStorm wanted to devolop a weekend promotion that would take full advantage of the player tracking data and mobileStorm’s mobile engagement platform. mobileStorm was ready to prove that a good strategy combined with data and an industry-leading mobile marketing solution could realize a huge return on investment.


The casino determined that they wanted to stay within a 30% reinvestment level when creating the offer segments for this campaign. The three segments that were decided, based on the player’s worth, were assigned these offers while staying within the overall predetermined reinvestment percentage. Mobile marketing is one of the most powerful ways to increase additional spend and frequency of trips to the casino. The only way a player could redeem their free play offer was by coming into the casino.


If you include mobileStorm’s cost to support its technology, while offering strategy and account management for one month, this single mobile campaign resulted in an 121% return on investment.